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Bowerbird Australia

Our founders featured in Brisbane News: Sum of Us

Marisa StefanovichComment

Workplace perks

Cup of coffee sparks enduring romance

Marisa Stefanovich • 27

Michael and I just celebrated our fifth anniversary as a couple and have been living together (in Ascot) for two years and two months. We met when I was working in a cafe and he was in the office upstairs and used to come down every day for his coffee.

I asked who he was and we started talking. I was pretty obvious that I liked him. He asked me to his birthday and we went from there.

We soon became inseparable. The fact that he is ridiculously lovely is what drew me to him in the beginning. He is so loyal and very generous; he would do anything for you.

I started doing some of the graphic design for Michael’s jewellery company Cotton & Co a year after we got together. My (graphic design and jewellery) company Marisa Kate Designs is now under the umbrella of Cotton & Co. As a graphic designer I mostly design the website, although I have helped design collections.

I’d call Michael an entrepreneur because he’s always got so many ideas going on. He works a lot at the moment and we are both so busy.

I have to drag him away from work because he will do it until he sleeps. He’s a workaholic.

Michael Cotton • 31

My head office for Cotton & Co used to be at West End, above the cafe where Marisa worked. I would be designing jewellery while she made my coffee.

We have designed a couple of jewellery collections together, which is something I enjoyed, although we did have some differences of opinion. She’s a bit more levelheaded and down to earth than I am. If I go a bit crazy with my ideas, she brings things back to a level that’s more manageable.

Marisa’s a lot more classic and simple in her styling, whereas I like antique styles with attention to detail. I think they both have a place in the market so it’s good that we can get a balance between the two of us.

We go overseas a lot for work to source our gems from Brazil and Africa, and we have them cut in Thailand.

I would say I’m romantic. I like to surprise Marisa, and I’m taking her to New York and Fiji in September. We both love travelling and we also try to be active and outdoorsy. I also buy flowers regularly; I don’t need reminding to do it.

I try to separate work and play, but it’s hard to relax and have down time when you’re trying to build a business. I usually work seven days a week, but Marisa made sure I had four days off over Easter.

Ambassador Series

Marisa StefanovichComment

Bowerbird is the quirky little sister in the Cotton & Co family.

With an amazing charity affiliation with Edgar’s Mission, where with every piece sold Bowerbird contributes to the fresh water, food, medical access and safety of farm animals in need, this is certainly a brand that goes above and beyond aesthetics.

The beautiful Origami inspired designs in fine sterling silver, make Bowerbird a collection that can be worn everyday, with every outfit.

The gorgeous Kate Nutting from Pretty Dresses In The Laundry is the perfect brand ambassador for this unique jewellery collection.

Kate perfects street style with her alternative styling, pairing vintage tee’s with cute overalls and lives in her favourite Adidas Originals.

Girly with a side of cool, Pretty Dresses in the Laundry looks stunning in layered Bowerbird pieces, worn with paisley and floral garments, and even just a classic plain white tee.

When designing jewellery and creating a brand, we have a vision of the amazing customer in mind. Who wears our pieces, where does she shop, what does she read, what coffee does she order?

We were so delighted with the opportunity to collaborate with Kate, a great Brisbane fashion influencer, to see how she brought our collection to life, and she certainly did not disappoint.

Photography: Bridget Wood Photography
Hair & Makeup: Black Avenue Hairdressing
Styling: Al & Annabel Collective