In case you're wondering...

Who we are

Bowerbird Australia is the daughter of the Cotton and Co brand. The Cotton & Co team had an idea for a range of Origami inspired earrings and necklaces – something so different from the Cotton and Co arena that it just had to have its own brand. Thus, Bowerbird Australia was born.

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Giving back...

Edgar's mission

For each piece of origami jewellery sold, we are able to provide one Edgar's Mission animal with food, clean water, shelter and any medical assistance they require for up to two weeks. This is our way of giving back and helping those in need. 

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We've made the change to...

Recycled Australian Silver

We have been working hard behind the scenes so that all our upcoming Bowerbird ranges are now crafted from 100% recycled Australian sterling silver and finished with rhodium enhanced plating.

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